How are LULU LAM's products made?
Each and every of our product is carefully made in our LULU LAM studio.
We believe that good products should be well-made and well-designed.
We are meticulous in the choice of materials,
because good design should be accompanied by good materials.
Our leathers and fabrics are sourced globally with the greatest of care,
in the highest quality and uniformity in texture and
are without exception ethically and sustainably produced,
ensuring a finished product that will stand the test of time in usage and functionality.

Do we offer free shipping?
All LULU LAM's products come with free international shipping.

Caring for your LULU LAM leather goods
 If your product gets wet, wipe dry with a cloth and leave to dry naturally.
 Store your product in a cool dry place.Please DO NOT leave the product near any source of heat,
 including fireplaces and radiators, as this may warp the shape of the product,change its colour or damage the leather.
You can use leather wax or polish on your product to maintain its shine.
If you have to clean your products, please only wipe with a damp cloth. Saddle soap can be used too, if necessary.
When not in use, store your LULU LAM product in its accompanying dustbag to protect from dust, dirt, and insects.
As with all coloured or dark leather, colours may bleed onto fabrics so be careful when wearing light coloured clothing.
Similarly, with our light coloured products,
 be wary of colours from dark clothing (in particular jeans) bleeding onto the product and staining the leather.

All our products are covered by a 3-month warranty period covering normal wear and tear and does not include the following:
Product damage caused by use in abnormal environment
(such as water soaking, chemical contact, excessive load bearing, scratched by sharp objects,etc.).
Improper maintenance by the third party.
Fees maybe applicable for repairs and maintenance for products that are out of warranty.